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Custom Managed Rollouts

Improperly-managed, large-scale hardware and system rollouts are your company’s worst nightmare. So it doesn’t make sense to go it alone.

When businesses like yours — retailers, healthcare providers, warehousing and distribution companies, field service technicians, and transportation and logistics businesses – have to roll out new technologies at hundreds of locations and make sure everything is installed and running optimally on tight timelines, it’s a huge challenge.

And in truth, if you’re like most of our clients your company doesn’t have in-house employees who have the time, expertise and experience needed to ensure that your custom rollout is as smooth as possible.

But we do. And we’re pleased you found us.

You see, for over two decades. BlueImage has helped small and large businesses plan and implement flawless system rollouts that helped them achieve their technology requirements; enhance their daily operations and kept their operations running optimally during their transitions.

It’s one of the reasons BlueImage has earned our reputation as the “whatever-it-takes” mobility and print company.

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Why Should I Trust BlueImage to Deliver My Custom Rollout Services?

We’re glad you asked. When you turn to BlueImage we’ll…

Offer you practical, unique solutions for accomplishing your rollout


Define & develop the ideal plan for your project

Work with your team to identify all steps in the process and agree on exceptional standards

Ensure that that your gradual rollout is configured logically to mitigate costly disruptions

Deliver detailed reports per location, which include shipment tracking, serial numbers, installation dates and confirmations

Provide buy-back and/or disposal services for your old technology

But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself.

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