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Solutions For Industry-Specific Challenges

 Below are just some examples of the types of industry solutions we offer our  clients

Retail: State-of-the-art technologies that deliver superior customer experiences

Today more than ever, retailers are looking for cost-effective and efficient ways to provide and deliver goods and services in ways that meet their customers’ expectations — whether that’s in the store, online, and/or curbside.

To accomplish this, they need real-time information and visibility into all aspects of their operations – from warehousing to point-of-sale. That’s why so many successful retailers depend on BlueImage for up-to-the-minute barcoding hardware such as, scanners and imagers, mobile computers, and rugged tablets, industrial printers, and RFID systems to:

  • Better track and manage inventory levels
  • Integrate and fulfill e-commerce orders quickly and accurately
  • Streamline shipping and returns processes
  • Improve curbside pickup procedures
  • Communicate important information to customers
  • and more…

And we’d like to do the same for you.


Simply call 877.868.7887 or email us today, and we’ll listen to your requirements, answer your questions and offer you objective and well-thought-out advice on how to maintain your competitive edge and delight your customers — even more than you already do!

Healthcare: High-quality patient care just got easier

Today’s healthcare providers depend on fast and foolproof communication and identification and tracking tools that help them deliver exceptional patient care – even under the most stressful circumstances.

Given this, the automation technologies they choose must pass their stringent requirements for safety, quality, efficacy, and speed. That’s why so many healthcare professionals like you count on us for state-of-the-art, easy-to-use technologies – mobile computers and rugged tablets, industrial printers, barcode scanners and imagers, wireless networks, powered carts, inventory control systems, and software – that help them:

  • Perform positive patient identification and specimen collection
  • Streamline employee workflows
  • Access critical patient information in real time
  • Maintain sanitation standards
  • Communicate wirelessly in all environments
  • Automate tracking of essential supplies and employees
  • and more…

But why take our word for it? Call 877.868.7887 or email us today, and we’ll listen to your needs, answer your questions and offer you objective and well-thought-out advice on how you can improve your patient-care services.

Warehousing & Distribution: Advance technologies that make warehousing simple

In today’s overly cluttered marketplace, warehousing and distribution companies cannot compete effectively without streamlining and automating their key processes.

Given this, they are looking for durable hardware and technologies such as mobile printers, vehicle-mounted and/or handheld mobile computers, ultra-rugged barcode scanners, inventory tracking software, wireless networking, and barcode scanners that provide them with…

  • Real-time visibility into their inventory and assets
  • Automate and track repetitive processes
  • Improved receiving, picking and staging systems
  • Smarter reorder and fulfillment practices
  • and more…

And if you’re like many warehouse & distribution managers, you already know that your company needs to operate more efficiently, but you may be less certain about how that looks, or who you can trust for straightforward advice. If so, you’re not alone and we can help.

warehousing and distribution

Just call 877.868.7887 or email us today, and we’ll be happy to listen to your needs and offer you objective and well-thought-out advice on how you can improve your warehouse’s operations. You have our word.

Transportation and Logistics: Practical technology solutions for companies on the move

Let’s face it, today’s transportation and logistics companies are struggling to maintain and even improve their operations in spite of enormous economic and supply chain challenges.

Given this, they must do more with less — no easy task — and understand that this cannot be accomplished without affordable technologies and systems that allow them to:

  • Track their fleet, mobile employees, and equipment – indoors or out
  • Instantly communicate important information to their customers
  • Streamline their mobility & maximize their logistics’ potentials
  • Improve pick-up and delivery procedures
  • Optimize delivery routes
  • Automate manual processes
  • Reduce fuel and operator expenses
  • and more…

And they know they can count on BlueImage to help them find the technology solutions that fit their performance requirements, timeline, budgets, and the like.

transportation and logistics

So please call 877.868.7887 or email us today, so we can answer your questions and offer you sound advice on how to solve your toughest transportation and logistics issues. It will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. You have our promise.

Field Services: We’ve got field services down to a science.

Field technicians play hugely important roles in their companies’ abilities to provide their customers with superior diagnostic and repair services, improve repair rates and avoid costly repeat visits. To that end, they must equip their techs with tools and technologies — mobile computers, printers and tablets and software designed to reduce input errors, quickly and accurately diagnose issues, troubleshoot remedies, maintain records, and provide dispatch information.

This is often easier said than done, which is why they turn to BlueImage for reliable, cost-effective and turnkey print and mobility solutions.

field services

So, go ahead and call 877.868.7887 or email us today, so we can answer your questions and offer you well-thought-out advice on how to improve your company’s field services. We promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

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