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BlueImage Barcode Scanners:
Unbeatable Value. Uncompromising Performance. Industrial-Strength Services.

You already know how important barcode scanners & software are to your company’s ability to track inventory in real time, access important data quickly and avoid costly input errors.

But given all of the available choices, it isn’t always easy to know which scanners are ideal for your industry, working environment, budget, and applications. And the last things you need are scanners that don’t perform as expected and slow down your operations – unfortunate and all-too-common situations.

We get it. And that’s why we make sure that all of our customers — large and small retailers, healthcare providers, warehouses, transportation and logistics companies and field service technicians  — choose scanners that improve their productivity, streamline their inventory management systems and reduce mistakes and rework – all day, every day.

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BlueImage Scanners: We Don’t Believe In Ordinary

Here are just some of the many features and benefits you’ll receive when you rely on us for all of your barcoding needs:

State-of-the-art scanners from world-class manufacturers

You’ll rest easy knowing that you’ll receive best-in-class scanners from trusted companies like Zebra Technologies, Honeywell and DataLogic.


Scanners designed for you

That’s right. Whether you’re looking for…

  • Wireless scanners for maximum flexibility
  • Rugged scanners for harsher environments & locations where employees may be “rough” on their devices
  • Stationary scanners for shipping stations
  • Anti-bacterial scanners for pharmacies, hospital, clinics and food processing centers
  • Ergonomic, lightweight scanners for distributors and manufacturers or any environment where lighter devices are needed
  • Hands-free scanners for retailers and manufacturers
  • Corded scanners for retailers, manufacturers, warehouses, distributors and healthcare providers
  • 1D & 2D scanners for supply chain applications, manufacturers, pharmaceutical & medical equipment companies
  • iPhone & Android scanners for retailers, healthcare providers, field service technicians
  • Portable scanners for small- to medium-sized businesses of all kinds and back-office and access control applications

Top-notch scanners with up-to-the-minute, specialized features such as:

  • Extended battery lives: These low-power scanners will keep running for 2-3 shifts.
  • Enterprise-class security and device management and data capture capabilities: These scanners will keep your data safer and your scans more accurate.
  • Bluetooth-enabled so they’ll work with all Bluetooth devices including smartphones and tablets
  • 1D & 2D-capabilities for all barcode symbologies
  • Pre-configuration — so your scanners will be ready to use right out of the box
  • Fatigue-reducing pistol grips so they can be used for longer periods of time
  • Wide-reading, omnidirectional scanning capabilities so employees can scan from all angles

Practical, common sense services

  • Need new barcode scanners? No problem.
  • Need to make your existing scanners work better? No problem.
  • Need help locating hard-to-find and/or discontinued hardware, accessories, parts, and supplies? No problem.

Customer-centric services that reduce help desk errors, rework and frustration

Fewer serial numbers and maintenance providers translate into improved accuracy, smoother operations, quicker service and less wasted time for your company’s support team.

Flexible and affordable service options

We provide a wide variety of service choices designed to meet your specific needs without breaking bank. Options include:

  • OEM – new open-box, refurbished
  • Third-party solutions
  • Leases, rentals, loaners
  • Equipment trade-ins and buybacks

Innovative maintenance & service programs.

These include manufacturers’ and third-party on-site & depot repairs and spare-in-the air.

In other words, we’re the only barcode scanner company you’ll ever need!

healthcare worker scanning tube of blood

Why BlueImage?

For over 20 years, BlueImage has provided companies both big and small with mobile devices that enhance their productivity, streamline their internal operations, and reduce costly mistakes and rework. Simply put, we’ve worked hard to earn our “whatever-it-takes” reputation. If old hardware is holding you back, it's time for a change. Contact our team of experts at BlueImage today for a free, no-obligation analysis and quote.