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Like you, many of our customers —  respected retailers, healthcare providers, warehousers, transportation and logistics companies, and field service providers— contacted us because they were searching for  high-quality, reliable, state-of-the-art industrial hardware that would help them maintain their competitive edges and enhance their internal operations.

To that end, they wanted a company  that partnered with the world’s most respected mobile computer, barcode scanner, and industrial printer manufacturers, as well as one that offered value-added software, services and supplies, and out-of-the-box programs such as replacements, rentals & leases and hardware trade-ins & buybacks.

Fortunately, they found us.

Our Hardware Partners

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Why Trust Your Hardware Needs To BlueImage?

Simple. For over two decades, BlueImage has earned its reputation as the “whatever-it-takes” mobility and print company. And that means you can rely on us to:

Provide top-notch hardware from the world’s most respected brands, like Zebra, Honeywell, Juniper Systems, Lexmark, and Printronix. So, you’ll rest easy knowing that our mobile computers, barcode scanners, and industrial printers will serve you well now and into the future.

Offer you money-saving, common sense solutions for all of your hardware needs. We’re pleased to offer you new, best-in-class hardware.  But we’re also happy to help you keep your existing hardware running optimally for years and locate constrained, hard-to-find and/or discontinued hardware, accessories, parts, supplies, and the like.

Provide more focused customer service and reduce help desk errors, rework and frustration. Fewer serial numbers and maintenance providers translate into improved accuracy, smoother operations, quicker service and less wasted time for your company’s support team.

Offer flexible and affordable service options. We provide a wide variety of service choices designed to meet your specific needs without emptying your wallet. Options include:

  • OEM – new, open-box, refurbished
  • Third-party solutions
  • Leases, rentals, loaners
  • Equipment trade-ins and buybacks

Include innovative maintenance & service programs, such as manufacturers’ and third-party on-site & depot repairs and spare-in-the air.

Given all of this, it just makes good sense to trust your industrial needs to BlueImage.

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Why BlueImage?

For over 20 years, BlueImage has provided companies both big and small with mobile devices that enhance their productivity, streamline their internal operations, and reduce costly mistakes and rework. Simply put, we’ve worked hard to earn our “whatever-it-takes” reputation. If old hardware is holding you back, it's time for a change. Contact our team of experts at BlueImage today for a free, no-obligation analysis and quote.