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Case Studies

Strategies, Systems, Smarts

Below you’ll find a few examples of the types of challenges our customers experienced and our “out-of-the-box” solutions that helped them save time, money, and stress.

oil refinery

Case Study 1:

Helping a customer maintain existing equipment, rather than being forced to purchase new hardware

Company Description:

Leak detection company in oil refinery industry


Company owned & operated sophisticated and expensive equipment that was critical to their business’ daily operations. One of their hardware manufacturers stopped producing & supporting the batteries for their equipment, without offering replacement options (a common way for manufacturers to “force” companies to purchase new hardware).


We searched battery manufacturers until we found one in Colorado that could manufacture the exact battery pack.

Benefit: Our customer saved many thousands of dollars because we helped them extend the life of their existing equipment, and their critical operations were never interrupted.

grocery store

Case Study 2:

Ensuring our customer had the supplies they needed in spite of global pandemic

Company Description:

Food distributor


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, company executives were concerned that printing toner products manufactured in China would be delayed indefinitely, which would bring their distribution operations to a halt (i.e. if they couldn’t print labels, they couldn’t distribute food to their customers).


We purchased and stored $60,000 worth of inventory to ensure that there was enough toner on hand if/when they needed it.

Benefit: Our inventory purchase saved our customer money and meant they no longer had to worry about unexpected operational delays and downtimes.

healthcare context

Case Study 3:

Setting and extending hardware standards

Company Description:

Companies in a wide variety of industries have the same or similar issues as described below.


Customer had three consumable printer products: toner, imaging and maintenance kits, with ten different models from eight different manufacturers, or 90+ items that needed to be managed. Their help desk was overwhelmed with the amount of information they needed to know such as, who to contact when one or more of their printers went down, if their printers were still covered under the manufacturers’ service contracts, and more. 


Since their current technology was working there was no need to upgrade to the latest EOL product. Instead, we purchased buy-ins from the manufacturers and/or refurbished equipment from third parties. Our approach helped our customer skip generations of new product.

Benefit: We extended our customer’s standards for 3-5 years and helped them skip generations of new products.

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